Our Goal

The Black community has a large population all over the world but suffers from a lack of visibility. It also faces major problems such as food supply, adequate healthcare, literacy or access to education…. We want to rise to the challenge by creating a united and strong community so we can thrive and do life together globally.

Our Marketplace is designed to be a one stop shop where you can find any products that is relevant to you. It is designed to empower our communities economically, on the continent and worldwide. Marketplace Lobby Noir is committed to promote MADE IN AFRICA and MADE BY AFRICANS. And by Africa, we mean all of us of African heritage, wherever we find ourselves on the planet.

Our MarketPlace

Marketplace is LobbyNoir’s new addition to do business with each other at no cost. It brings you one click closer to Africa and its diaspora. It also allows you to support your family back home with their healthcare costs, food bills and education through our gift vouchers scheme. In unprecedented times, we need to pull off all stops so that our communities and businesses continue to thrive and connect with one another.

Our MarketPlace sets Africa at the heart of the digital age so that our entrepreneurs, wherever they find themselves in the world, regardless of size or turnover, can access cutting-edge technology to showcase their products and services, from a home-made bissap juice, to local artisans, contemporary art or new tech and inventions. Anything is possible on Marketplace LN! Africa is only one click-away ! It is essential to us that you enjoy your experience on our MarketPlace so there are incentives to reward you each time you shop with us. We want it to be the place where you can « Shop, Dream and Win » as you continue supporting and investing in the current generation of African entrepreneurs and those to come, in the comfort of your home.

So without further a do, enjoy and share your thoughts with us !