Aunty Rosa Parks

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Aunty Rosa

This book primarily focuses on the life and times of Rosa Parks. Aunty Rosa was known as ‘The Mother Of The Civil Rights Movement’. She was a shy and timid person, but she was brave inside, so she stood up to racism and white supremacy.

Growing up, Aunty Rosa witnessed a lot of racism. Schools, buses, restaurants and other places were segregated. This meant that black and white people were not allowed to use the same things. Aunty Rosa was inspired to help and uplift her community by working for the NAACP. The NAACP was an organisation committed to fighting for equal rights and justice.

One day changed Aunty Rosa’s life. It was the day that she refused to be pushed around and bullied by a racist system. When she was told, by the driver, to give her seat to a white man; she refused to move. The bus driver had her arrested. This sparked a series of protests and marches for equal rights and justice for black people.

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