Uncle Huey P Newton Activity Book

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This book primarily focuses on the life and times of Huey P Newton. Uncle Huey was a black political activist and revolutionist. He was the founder and leading figure of the Black Panther Party for Self Defence; who worked for the rights of African Americans in the 1960s.

Uncle Huey was a courageous, fearless, intelligent and articulate person. He studied the law and used the information he learnt to help protect and defend oppressed black people who were victims of police brutality.

The Black Panther Party made an impact on oppressed people all across the world.

The black History Activity Books stimulate the imagination and curiosity of the reader to use critical thinking and problem-solving to complete the books. This book uses a range of activities that cover the following:

• Maths (Adding – Counting – Number Order – Multiplication) • English Rhyming Words (word families and the sound of language) – Spelling – Reading & Comprehension – Creative writing & Goal Setting • Geography • Visual Memory • Matching & Sorting • Colouring • Drawing • Mazes • Dot to Dot • Spot the difference • Crossword • Word Search • Quiz


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