Queen Nanny

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Queen Nanny is a Jamaican national hero! She was the spiritual, cultural and military leader of the Maroons during the 1700’s. The Maroons were African people who escaped from slavery and lived as a community in mountainous areas of Jamaica.

Queen Nanny was born in Ghana, West Africa, around 1685. She was said to be a part of the Asante people. She was captured with her brothers and was brought to Jamaica as part of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Queen Nanny soon formed a rebellion and fled into the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, with four of her brothers. Queen Nanny and her brothers formed one of the first Maroon groups; who went on to defeat the British Army and were granted freedom and their own land in Jamaica.

The black History Activity Books stimulate the imagination and curiosity of the reader to use critical thinking and problem-solving to complete the books. This book uses a range of activities that cover the following:

• Maths (Counting, Number Order, Adding) • English (Spelling, Reading & Comprehension) • Geography • Visual Memory • Colouring • Drawing • Mazes • Dot to Dot • Spot the difference • Crossword • Word Search • Quiz


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